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The registration number 24823 with the history of nearly two decades of activity in the field of information technology

About GITY

GITY has officially started its operations in 2005. Major computer-based gate-based activities in the fields of hardware, software, information technology and automation are presented in a variety of formats, such as product, service and solution.

The board of directors has five main members. The members were selected on the basis of the last meeting of the General Assembly of this company in 2014. According to the long-term vision of the GITY, board members are elected for a two-year period.



May 2010
Primary core foundation
We started with that very small number. Although we had a small group, creativity and motivation spread across activities, and this was our biggest capital.
June 2011
Official registration number 23260
December 2017
گیتی‌وار شوید
January 2012
Celebration in the voice and television
January 2012
“اگر پیشرفت علمی را ما دنبال کردیم، آن‌وقت اقتصاد دانش‌پایه -که سرمایه‌گذاری‌اش اندک است [امّا] فرآورده و محصولش بسیار زیاد است- در اختیار ما قرار خواهد گرفت.”


مرور قریب به دو دهه فعالیت گیتی در قاب تصاویر